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Feb 21, 2009

Merchant Job Change RO Cheats

To get change merchant job at ragnarok. First you have job level 10 novice and you can pay te kafra NPC or you can use free ticket for kafra transportation to get one free ride. How to change merchant job ragnarok :
  1. Walking. You go to prontera then payon, start go south into the fields, go to south again and you will be in a desert like terrain, go into the south east portal and you will be a half desert half forest area, go to easy and ou will be in a forest area, go east and you will be in payon town. Then you go to payon, alberta. You go to south into the forest, go south again, go south yet again, go easy, go east and you will be alberta.
  2. Start in alberta, go suth west to the merchant guild, you enter the building go straight and talk to the man behind the counter
  3. The man will give you information about where you are going to deliver the box, and the receipt number. Then, go to the bottom right warp in the building and talk to the man behind the counter.
  4. Provide the information that you were given, the location and receipt number and he will give you the delivery box, then go to the destination you were told to go to
  5. There are different destination, you can go to geffen, walk northwest into the mage guild, and go all the way to the back of the building and talk to the Guild Staff and give him the delivery box
  6. Go back to alberta, go back to the merchant guild in south west alberta
  7. Tak to the man that gave you the delivery box in the side room then walk to the back of the building to the man you signed up with and he will grant you the power of a merchant